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A few Customer Reviews


I am very proud to say that we just don't sell properties, we make a difference. These are just a few of the nice things that our clients have said about us over the 15 years that I've been in Real Estate in Austin, TX.

Brian McKeefery

There are so many things to describe how Jonathan helped me find my home and so many more things he did behind the scenes to help ensure my home buying experience went smoothly, without issue, and most importantly, I was satisfied, confident, and comfortable during the entire process. What he provided was more than just a service looking at homes, he provided constant communication of key schedules and dates, managed expectations, gave key and pertinent financial guidance, and prepared me for the next steps at appropriate times during the process. In other words, he did well what you hope and expect an agent to do.

It is intangible to describe what he truly does best in his service, but for myself it was largely his ability managing the entire ordeal in terms I needed to feel positive and assured things were going according to plan. Anybody can show a home, but with so many pieces to buying a house, Jonathan really oversaw all those elusive buying variables that are beyond the average understanding.  He used his extensive experience to make sure I was going to have resale potential, a positive investment, and that it was a good fit for my family. Jonathan truly paid attention to my needs and put his focus on those wants and requirements...a quality lacking in many of the service professionals these days. After all the bad experiences I had with many many mortgage brokers, real estate professionals, and related industry persons, and it was considerable, to have someone with his integrity come through and do as I asked, in the manner I requested, successfully and securely is truly rare and wonderful. I cannot express my appreciation enough. Jonathan is a good guy with whom you can place trust.

Would it be fair to say Jonathan was even more exceptional with the business side of my purchase given the extraordinary lengths he went for me personally, I'm not sure, but regardless, he did admirably at both. He understands entirely all aspects of a mortgage and explained as much or as little as I needed in every instance to best make an offer, secure the financing, and balance the closing costs and timing. He knows how the industry operates and used that critical knowledge to ensure each phase was delivered on time as expected, instrumental to a successful purchase in my case. Jonathan is phenomenal with the numbers and this too was a big deal. He caught numerous mistakes on the lenders part without which I would have spent $1000's more.  If not for his diligence and effort keeping everything on track and holding the lender and agent to a very tight schedule, the sale would not have occurred. I'm not sure without his presence through my search and eventual purchase if I ever would have bought anything, for which I'm eternally grateful for his help in the home I have found.

Jonathan Stilley- trust, experience, knowledge, balance, quality, invested. If you want to buy a house, if you want to sell a house, this is the guy you should call. You'll be happy that you do. I am.

Dennis & Renee O'Geary

If you want an incomparable Realtor team with intelligence, instinctual insight and impeccable integrity, run don’t walk to Jonathan Stilley & Patricia Barruetta.  They say what they mean and do what they.   Above and beyond does not adequately describe their work ethic as we closed several transactions during the ups and downs of the past 6 years.  

First, Jonathan found us beautiful acreage in Dripping Springs to build on, an exceptional custom builder and first-rate mortgage broker.   He negotiated all three deals brilliantly on our behalf.

Before we sold our large parkland home in Northern Virginia, he located the ideal greenbelt apartment for us to live in while our home was being built – one that truly eased the transition.  He and Patricia were with us all through the construction phase and closing of the permanent loan for our dream home.   

Several years later, we experienced an unexpected layoff, unexpected Cancer, surgery and chemo/radiation treatments, then bankruptcy, all within a 9 month period.  They spent the next 2 years helping us avoid foreclosure and ensuring the short-sale of our dream home. 

After that, they found a 2 bedroom apartment home where we could relax, regroup, and recuperate after brutally downsizing from a 4400 sq. ft. house.  

Besides brilliantly working the numbers, Jonathan & Patricia have mastered the art of asking questions about lifestyle, location, heart and what environment we can flourish in, all in pursuit of keeping our best interests in mind.   They are savvy enough to realize that repeat business and referrals are exceptionally good business.  The bottom line is that they just care and it shows!

Jonathan & Patricia consistently considered the emotional, physical & financial impact of all circumstances involved in our real estate transactions and operated accordingly each and every time.  They are good guys who will tell you the truth about what will and will NOT work for you rather than just try to pocket a commission.   We are truly blessed to have found them.

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